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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Note from Twice Is Nice

Shop Smart ~ Shop Resale
In today’s uncertain economy isn’t it wise to spend less and get more?   Shopping at consignment & resale shops allows you to do just that! Consignment & resale shops are independently owned and provide a greater price-to-product ratio.  This means that you get more merchandise for less money!!  Items are usually priced at about one-third to one-half of an item’s cost when it was new.
And these already low prices are reduced during sales just like in the traditional retail stores!   Additionally, many stores reduce the price of their items exponentially each month the item remains in the store.   

All shoppers are familiar with the ‘thrill of the hunt’, and the huge feeling of pride and satisfaction they get when they find a real steal on something they love, right?   Shopping at consignment & resale shops means you’ll be able to experience the thrill more often because of the savings you’ll find on gently used treasures. Because you can shop more often, you’ll be able to change your style, your family’s style and your home’s decor more often. And don’t forget to bring in those no longer wanted items to give someone else a chance to enjoy them. Then shop some more and earn those bragging rights for being such a savings savvy shopper!

In addition to the great deals you’ll find in consignment & resale shops, the warm and friendly atmosphere makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable. Many consignment & resale shops are independently owned which allows each shop to showcase its own unique personality. The variety of clothing & home decor you’ll find in consignment & resale shops farexceeds that of any traditional retail store and many shops restock on a daily basis.  That means the selection changes often. If you don’t find what you’re looking for today, chances are it will be there tomorrow.  Consignment & resale stores carry name brand items, and many are brand new with the tags still attached.  Shopping consignment & resale gets your creative juices flowing!  Because of the great selection of different styles, manufacturers of clothing & home decor, you can try putting several items together that you might not normally have thought of, thus letting you find a look that fits your individual personality. And because these are small, independently owned enterprises, you’ll find that the proprietors and their staff really care about their customers.  They get to know them as people, not just as dollar signs…which, let’s face it,  is how most of us feel when we go into one of the big name, traditional retail stores.  
 The Three R’s ~Reduce /Reuse /Recycle 
We are all becoming more socially conscious and trying to reduce waste.  Consignment is the ultimate in mind-full consumption.  And isn’t it time we added another R to the list? Resale!
Shopping consignment and resale reduces waste.   Just because one person no longer wants something doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful.  Gently-used clothing and home décor will find a new home with a new family, it will be re-used rather than being shipped off to the local dump.  Recyclingyour unwanted, but still wonderful, possessions will ultimately help the earth.  Your purchases will also help the local economy by helping the owner of a local small business.  Your purchases might also be helping a neighbor in need.  The consigner could be someone who needs the extra cash. Consignors get paid for items they bring in and that extra bit of cash could be just what they need to carry them through a rough spot.  So you see, consigning and resale helps everyone! 

Rose Banner
Twice Is Nice Consignments~Hartville

Another successful Thrift and Consignment Tour Road Rally!


Waking up to a few inches of snow and the streets a little slippery I pondered the thought of how many people would cancel their plans for today's events.  The phone rang with my first cancellation for a party of two.  Then it rang again and it was one of my sisters cancelling.  At that point I decided that no matter how many people cancelled we would make the best of it and have a great day.  Needless to say it exceeded all of my expectations!

Planning prep work:

The itinerary to include directions to each store using yahoo directions

A sneak peak at the itinerary up close

Shrinky Dink Name Tags for our group

Goody bags for all of our shoppers

Italian pinwheels for my riders

a light snack to keep my riders happy

The Tour

After advertising by word of mouth, on Facebook (Megathrift Tours for thrift and consignment) and emails there were over 30 people who would be in attendance for this road rally.

Steve and Tammy Lamiell hosted a wonderful breakfast for everyone before our first stop.  This was their first of many tours to come and five family members participated. 

To my surprise and delight, my sister who had cancelled earlier had changed her mind and was already there when I arrived.  Yay!

And they are off!  There we were chasing sparky (If you've been to Wheeling Downs to the greyhound races you'll get this) through Canton, Hartville, Uniontown, Tallmadge and Akron to so many great stores for the best in resale treasures.

We introduced over 30 people to Deviti's Italian Deli which is one of  Akron's oldest family owned businesses.

 I'd say we certainly stimulated local economy on this tour!  Forgive me for not getting more pictures.  I tend to get a little frazzled before half time.  (Yes, this is definitely a sport!)  Here's what I did capture:

In addition to the store that were on the itinerary we found a new store to add to our list:

Upscale Resale
298 West Ave
Tallmadge, OH 44278

Lots of goodies that consist of furniture, household, stained glass, jewelry and just about everything but clothing.  We made a new friend, Irene Dickey, too.  Very nice shop Irene!  Prices are great as well.  She just recently relocated her shop from Streetsboro and had some insight on great shops in that area for future thrift tour planning.

What a great day!  Thanks to everyone who participated in yet another successful tour.  Hope you all found what you were looking for.  I know I did!

Here are my scores:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Road Rally Thrift Tour / Itinerary for February 25, 2012

Megathrift Tours for Thrift and Consignment
Road Rally Thrift Tour Itinerary for Saturday, February 25, 2012
Canton / Hartville / Uniontown / Akron / Tallmadge
Total:  32.2 mi, 57 min
Start time:  08:30-08:45 / If you intend to join us for the complimentary juice, coffee, donuts and fruit generously offered by Tammy and Steve Lamiell.  Everyone is welcome to participate and we would like confirmations on those attending.  If you do not intend to participate in breakfast, meet us at LOCATION B at 9 am.  Lunch is on your own and I recommend picking it up at Deviti’s Italian Deli. 

 New Beginnings:
In the spirit of giving we are starting a new tradition of gathering donation items in each thrift tour and picking a nonprofit organization that will pass it on to needy recipients FREE OF CHARGE.  The below listed organization is who will benefit this trip and I would like to make arrangements for a representative to meet us at one of our locations.  Please check your stash for any unwanted items that may benefit them and let me know if you will have a donation.  Thanks!
Here is the nonprofit selected for this tour:
Suitably You is a nonprofit organization helping the unemployed in Summit County with finer clothes for interviewing and new jobs. If you have clothing you would like to donate we offer free pick up in the Akron/Summit County area. We need the following:
*Slacks for both men & women-Navy blue/Khaki/black
*Men’s shirts and suits or suit jackets
*Women's nicer clothing for the casual office environment
*Men & women's shoes
*Perfume & cologne
All services are free! Make a difference! Contact Heidi 330.208.6732

Mission Statement
Founded in 2011, the mission of Suitably You is to assist those seeking self-sufficiency by providing professional clothing, fashion consolation, and interview counseling to those currently unemployed. Our goal is to prepare each client for the working world while building confidence towards becoming self sufficient. Our services are available at no charge and by referral for men and women of all ages, currently unemployed who are actively seeking employment.

Clothing Consultation
Our clothing program provides professional attire and accessories to men and women who are entering the job market or who have recently started a new job. Clients meet with trained volunteer staff, which assists them in assembling a professional wardrobe.

**If you are aware of any organization like this that we could sponsor in future tours please contact me with the information.

A to B: 0.4 mi, 2 min
A:  Complimentary Breakfast
Courtesy of Steve and Tammy Lamiell
142 35TH St NW, Canton, OH 44709

1.    Depart 35TH St NW toward Logan Ave NW
2.     0.1 mi
Turn left onto Logan Ave NW
3.     0.1 mi
Turn right onto 33RD St NW
4.     0.1 mi
Arrive at 416 33RD St NW, Canton, OH 44709
The last intersection is Harvard Ave NW If you reach Yale Ave NW, you've gone too far

B to C: 9.9 mi, 18 min
B: Kimbell-Brown Tag Sale Location:
416 33RD St NW, Canton, OH 44709

1.    Depart 33RD St NW toward Harvard Ave NW
2.     0.4 mi
Turn left onto OH-43 / Market Ave N
Pass Wendy's in 2.9 mi
3.     9.5 mi
Turn left onto Sunnyside St SW
4.     253 ft
Arrive at 134 Sunnyside St SW, Hartville, OH 44632
The last intersection is Robson Ave If you reach Belle Ave SW, you've gone too far
C to D: 1.0 mi, 3 min

C: One Vintage Lane
134 Sunnyside St SW, Hartville, OH 44632
Offering a wonderful collection of vintage finds for your home. French country, shabby chic style that blends well will today’s décor 

1.    Depart Sunnyside St SW toward Belle Ave SW
2.     0.2 mi
Turn right onto Stadium Dr SW
3.     385 ft
Turn left onto OH-43 / OH-619 / W Maple St
4.     0.2 mi
Keep straight onto OH-619 / W Maple St
5.     0.5 mi
Arrive at 1120 W Maple St, Hartville, OH 44632
The last intersection is Milan Ave SW If you reach Bixler Ave NE, you've gone too far
D to E: 3.2 mi, 5 min

D Twice is Nice
1120 W Maple St, Hartville, OH 44632
 We carry clothing for children, Jrs, Formals, Womens, Plus to 4x, Petites, and Mens.
Many items are so new they still have tags! Accessorize with shoes and New Jewelry!
Check out our Retro and Vintage selection as well... We offer Household goods and Furnishings, Christian books, and popular fiction!

1.    Depart OH-619 / W Maple St toward Market Ave N
2.     3.1 mi
Turn left onto Cleveland Ave NW
BP on the corner
3.     333 ft
Arrive at 12992 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, OH 44685
The last intersection is OH-619 / Edison St NW If you reach Pine St NW, you've gone too far
E to F: 59 ft, < 1 min

E:  Fashion Finds
12992 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, OH 44685
We specialize in the sale of new and consigned name brand apparel and accessories for women.

1.    Depart Cleveland Ave NW toward Pine St NW
2.     58 ft
Arrive at 12980 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, OH 44685
The last intersection is OH-619 / Edison St NW If you reach Pine St NW, you've gone too far
F to G: 4.4 mi, 8 min

F:  Consign and Design
12980 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, OH 44685
Offers High Quality - Name Brand - Gently Loved Furniture
Beds, Tables, Rugs, Artwork, Chairs, Sofas, Lamps, Book Shelves, Dressers, Desks, Mirrors, and Many Other Home Decor Items.

1.    Depart Cleveland Ave NW towardOH-619 / Edison St NW
0.9 mi
Road name changes to OH-91 / Canton Rd
Pass GetGo in 2.3 mi
3.     3.4 mi
Arrive at 1185 Canton Rd, Akron, OH 44312
The last intersection is Old Home Rd If you reach McElwain Dr, you've gone too far
G to H: 9.8 mi, 12 min

G:  Pickers Gallery
1185 Canton Rd, Akron, OH 44312
At Pickers Gallery we specialize in antiques, collectibles, unique items, gifts, furniture, households and so much more. We have something for everyone! Stop and check us out today!

1.    Depart OH-91 / Canton Rd toward Old Home Rd
2.     465 ft
Turn right onto US-224 / E Waterloo Rd
BP on the corner
3.9 mi
At exit 4B, take ramp right for I-77 North toward Akron
4.     2.5 mi
Keep straight onto OH-8 North
5.     1.9 mi
Keep straight onto OH-8 North / OH-59 East
6.     1.0 mi
At exit 3B, take ramp right for Gorge Blvd toward Tallmadge Ave
7.     0.2 mi
Turn right onto OH-261 / E Tallmadge Ave
8.     0.2 mi
Arrive at 560 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron, OH 44310
The last intersection is Ranney St If you reach Damon St, you've gone too far
H to I: 1.2 mi, 4 min

H:  Deviti’s Italian Deli
560 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron, OH 44310
Among the great attractions at DeVitis & Sons is the daily lineup of hot, freshly prepared carry-out lunch entrees, soups and cold cut sandwiches. The rotating menu of homemade lunch specials invites hundreds of customers into the store during the lunch hour, the store's busiest time of the day. To meet the demands of the lunch crowd, DeVitis prepares more than 300 sandwiches daily. A variety of salads, including pasta, tortellini, bean and cole slaw, are put together each morning.

1.    Depart OH-261 / E Tallmadge Ave toward Damon St
2.     1.2 mi
Arrive at 1188 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron, OH 44310
The last intersection is Redstone Ave If you reach Wade Park Ave, you've gone too far
I to J: 0.7 mi, 2 min

I:  A New You
1188 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron, OH 44310
An upscale woman’s boutique offering clothing, shoes and accessories.

1.    Depart OH-261 / E Tallmadge Ave toward Wade Park Ave
2.     0.3 mi
Turn left onto Brittain Rd
McDonald's on the corner
3.     0.4 mi
Arrive at 1662 Brittain Rd, Akron, OH 44310
The last intersection is Brittain Circle If you reach Yorkshire Dr, you've gone too far
J to K: 82 ft, < 1 min

J:  Abbey Ann’s
1662 Brittain Rd, Akron, OH 44310
Furniture New & Used – Antiques – Appliances -  Collectibles – Estate Liquidations – House Wares – Sofa & Futons – Beds & Frames – Dog Cages – Dining Sets – Hardware – Patio Furniture – Mattress Sets – Vintage & Retro

1.    Depart Brittain Rd toward Brittain Circle
2.     84 ft
Arrive at 1634 Brittain Rd, Akron, OH 44310
The last intersection is Yorkshire Dr If you reach Brittain Circle, you've gone too far
K to L: 1.5 mi, 3 min

K  Salvation Army
1634 Brittain Rd, Akron, OH 44310

1.    Depart Brittain Rd toward Brittain Circle
2.     0.4 mi
Turn left onto OH-261 / E Tallmadge Ave
McDonald's on the corner
3.     1.2 mi
Arrive at 51 West Ave, Tallmadge, OH 44278
The last intersection is Wright RdIf you reach Tallmadge Circle, you've gone too far

L:  Abbey Ann’s
51 West Ave, Tallmadge, OH 44278
Furniture New & Used – Antiques – Appliances -  Collectibles – Estate Liquidations – House Wares – Sofa & Futons – Beds & Frames – Dog Cages – Dining Sets – Hardware – Patio Furniture – Mattress Sets – Vintage & Retro

And IF you are not too tired and would like to shop more:
6.8 mi, 10 min
12 min with traffic

51 W Tallmadge Ave, Akron, OH 44310
1.    Depart W Tallmadge Ave towardWall St
2.     0.1 mi
Road name changes to E Tallmadge Ave
3.     0.2 mi
Keep straight onto OH-261 / E Tallmadge Ave
0.6 mi
Take ramp right and follow signs forOH-8 South / OH-59 West
5.     1.2 mi
Keep straight onto OH-8 South
2.1 mi
Road name changes to I-77 South / Vietnam Veterans Memorial Hwy
7.     1.6 mi
At exit 123A, take ramp right for Coventry St toward Waterloo Rd
8.     0.3 mi
Turn right onto E Waterloo Rd
Marathon on the corner
9.     0.7 mi
Arrive at 193 E Waterloo Rd, Akron, OH 44319
The last intersection is Thornapple Ave If you reach Wilmich Dr, you've gone too far

B Village Discount Outlet
193 E Waterloo Rd, Akron, OH 44319

If you are too tired, just follow these directions to Rt 8 South and to I-77 to find your way home.