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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Note from Twice Is Nice

Shop Smart ~ Shop Resale
In today’s uncertain economy isn’t it wise to spend less and get more?   Shopping at consignment & resale shops allows you to do just that! Consignment & resale shops are independently owned and provide a greater price-to-product ratio.  This means that you get more merchandise for less money!!  Items are usually priced at about one-third to one-half of an item’s cost when it was new.
And these already low prices are reduced during sales just like in the traditional retail stores!   Additionally, many stores reduce the price of their items exponentially each month the item remains in the store.   

All shoppers are familiar with the ‘thrill of the hunt’, and the huge feeling of pride and satisfaction they get when they find a real steal on something they love, right?   Shopping at consignment & resale shops means you’ll be able to experience the thrill more often because of the savings you’ll find on gently used treasures. Because you can shop more often, you’ll be able to change your style, your family’s style and your home’s decor more often. And don’t forget to bring in those no longer wanted items to give someone else a chance to enjoy them. Then shop some more and earn those bragging rights for being such a savings savvy shopper!

In addition to the great deals you’ll find in consignment & resale shops, the warm and friendly atmosphere makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable. Many consignment & resale shops are independently owned which allows each shop to showcase its own unique personality. The variety of clothing & home decor you’ll find in consignment & resale shops farexceeds that of any traditional retail store and many shops restock on a daily basis.  That means the selection changes often. If you don’t find what you’re looking for today, chances are it will be there tomorrow.  Consignment & resale stores carry name brand items, and many are brand new with the tags still attached.  Shopping consignment & resale gets your creative juices flowing!  Because of the great selection of different styles, manufacturers of clothing & home decor, you can try putting several items together that you might not normally have thought of, thus letting you find a look that fits your individual personality. And because these are small, independently owned enterprises, you’ll find that the proprietors and their staff really care about their customers.  They get to know them as people, not just as dollar signs…which, let’s face it,  is how most of us feel when we go into one of the big name, traditional retail stores.  
 The Three R’s ~Reduce /Reuse /Recycle 
We are all becoming more socially conscious and trying to reduce waste.  Consignment is the ultimate in mind-full consumption.  And isn’t it time we added another R to the list? Resale!
Shopping consignment and resale reduces waste.   Just because one person no longer wants something doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful.  Gently-used clothing and home décor will find a new home with a new family, it will be re-used rather than being shipped off to the local dump.  Recyclingyour unwanted, but still wonderful, possessions will ultimately help the earth.  Your purchases will also help the local economy by helping the owner of a local small business.  Your purchases might also be helping a neighbor in need.  The consigner could be someone who needs the extra cash. Consignors get paid for items they bring in and that extra bit of cash could be just what they need to carry them through a rough spot.  So you see, consigning and resale helps everyone! 

Rose Banner
Twice Is Nice Consignments~Hartville

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