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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day old? Why not?

In our quest to stretch our dollar, let's not forget the most essential part of our survival...FOOD.  Most of us are not much for coupon clipping, we just don't have the time.  Here's an alternative: 


From bread to sweets to snacks to drinks, they've got you covered.  Need dry gravy or muffin mix?  They've got it.


In lieu of wasting products that would otherwise be considered "out of code", many stores have opened bakery thrift stores and sell these items at a much lower cost than retail.  These items are still fresh and are excellent consumables for a fraction of the cost.

Having a party?  Stock up.
Do you have a freezer?  Stock up.
Tired of paying high prices for tasty snacks?  Stock up.

Many of these stores offer punch cards (I don't do the coupon thing) that will give you a discount after a certain amount has been spent in their store.  (Keep the punch card in your wallet with your grocery store cards).  This makes shopping all the better!


We are very fortunate to have the "BIG THREE" right here in Stark County.  You've got:

Schwebel's Bakery Outlet
3730 13th Street S.W.
Canton, OH 44710
(330) 477-7090

MON.-FRI: 9:00-7:00
SATURDAY: 9:00-6:00
SUNDAY: 10:45-4:00

Wonder / Hostess Bakery Outlet
Canton, OH  44705
(330) 456-4955

Nickles Bakery Thrift Store
3939 Erie Ave. SW
Massillon, OH 44646


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  1. Nickels has a good Entertainment Book coupon too.