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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Twice is Nice..Something for everyone!

Looking for one-stop shopping?  This is it!

Twice is Nice
1120 W Maple St
Hartville, OH

Winter hours~ Mon 10-7 Closed Wed & Sun all others 10-5

Owner and Ohio native, Rose Banner, started this business in 2000 with the hope to provide affordable fashions for the family and home. 

You've succeeded, Rose!

Not only does she offer ladies clothing and accessories, she has expanded her business to include Furniture, family clothing & footwear, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, tools,decorative housewares, Longabergers Baskets, etc.

Working now with over 3,800 square feet of space, there's room for just about anything!

Yes, this is a truck bed liner!
(You just never know what to expect to find here.)

This is the fourth location for Twice as Nice and by far, the biggest.  Rose took over the business from her partner and friend and had 224 consignors.  She now has over 3,956 consigners who provide her with just about everything she needs to make her business a success.

In addition to the power of prayer, she credits her consignors, employees, friends, and shoppers for her success.  One friend in particular that she would like to credit for her contribution in the success in her business is Kate Holmes.

One obstacle for Rose is finding the balance between work and home.  In her spare time she enjoys cooking, volunteering at her church (Celebration Worship Center - she also donates goods to their store), and going to garage sales, rummage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. 

(Geesh, when do you find the time, Rose??)

Her answer: 

Her employees.  "They are  dedicated hard workers, each have their own individual personalities."  The employees also help her with decorating, each displaying their own unique taste and making the store look spectacular!

Twice is Nice has state-of-the-art consignment tracking program that keeps her inventory under control.  Consignors are offered between 40 - 60% for their items upon sale, and a higher percentage for handmade goods.  Once you sign on as a consignor it is quite easy to check your available balance.  Simply sign on to and check it out. 

No need for phone calls to the store and you can check the balance 24 hours per day!

The really nice part of being a consignor:  As a consignor of handmade jewelry, it's a great barter system.  When I shop there, I merely have them deduct my purchases from my account.  So far I've "traded" for a leather jacket, a really cool jewelry armoir, jewelry to use as curtain tie backs, clothing and other accessories.  My ending cost was next to nothing!

Twice is Nice is part of the following organizations:

NARTS - National Association of Resale and Thrift Stores
NORA - Northern Ohio Resellers Association

These organizations are important networking tools and give shop owners the chance to meet other shop owners and share success stories and other tips.

Rose also relies on these for marketing and stategy that directly impact the success of her business:


-TV Commercials
-word of mouth referrals
-customer appreciation

Our appreciation for Rose:

As a "Thrift and Consignment Store Navigation Specialist" for Megathrift Tours for Thrift and Consignment, this is a regular stop on our tours.  Rose was able to accomodate a bus tour of 38 people with another 20+ following by car last May with speed and accuracy.  She provided refreshments for the group and brought in extra employees who were both courteous and helpful and gave us the ability to stay within our time limits set aside for this business.  We have introduced new shoppers to her business and forged many new relationships and networking capabilites.  She also keeps the members of our page posted on her latest sales:

(Join us on Facebook for savings information, local garage sales information, member interaction, thrift tours, etc)

On behalf of our group, thank you for your kindness and support, Rose.  You're the best!

P.S.  If you would also stock bread, milk, eggs and munchies we wouldn't need to go anywhere else!

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