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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Celebrating St Valentine's Day with style!

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Having four girls in the family that are all within a four year age range makes celebrating fun and gives us just one more reason to have a party.

Two years ago we threw a party that these girls will talk about for years to come.  It started out innocently enough as a spa party for them that exceeded even my expectations and ranks high on my list of successful parties.

They each had a box filled with goodies to enjoy on their special day along with handmade wraps, matching relaxation attire and fuzzy slippers.  Each of them enjoyed a bubble bath and wore their spa outfits for their day of pampering.

A hair and nail station were set up to tend to their every need.  Many of these items were purchased at local thrift stores and consignment shops for a reduced rate and contributed a great deal to the success of this party.  Retail items that were purchased were bought at a clearance price and also reduced the costs.

Each child received a relaxing massage

Manicures and Pedicures

Got their hair done

Relaxed with a quiet book while waiting for their nails to dry and sipping on sparkling grape juice.

They added their own final touches

and then got dressed up for dinner on the town!  They were delighted to draw attention to themselves on that very special day.  Everyone was especially curious about the crowns.  They still talk about this party and that makes the effort well worth having had it!
So let's not forget the little ones this year.  They are a reason to celebrate and love you unconditionally!


  1. That looks like fun, I wanna come! Not for baby girl, for meeeeeee! lol

  2. It was, Cari. We thought the little one who was three at the time wouldn't enjoy it much, however, she loved it.

  3. Kerry forgot to show photos of the brunch spread she laid out for the affair!! Not just snackies and juice boxes...a catered buffet! Seriously, it was wonderful and we wouldn't have had to go out to eat to make it perfect! Great job, Sis! ADD SOME PHOTOS!!