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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Music to your ears! An alternative look at entertainment

Looking for the ultimate gift for yourself?  Had your eye on that overpriced 6 cd changer system or Ipod to use in your car?

Why pay $129 or more for these items that make your car an easy target for thieves?  The solution, you ask?

The Wireless MP3 in car player with remote

This little beauty packs more of a punch than most 6 cd changers and IPODs and can be found for a fraction of the cost.  I recently purchased all I have pictured here for less than $15 on Amazon.


It is merely an FM transmitter and works by plugging it into the cigarette lighter / outlet in your car.  Tune both the transmitter and the radio to the same station and VIOLA!  You've almost got music.

You purchase a memory card or use one that you already have and download music on it.  Put your favorite music on it (really easy, a simple copy and paste from your computer) and stick it in the slot on the transmitter. 

The best part, you ask?

How about SEVERAL genres of music available at your fingertips?  How about being able to control it with your remote control?  Yeah, thought so.  WAY COOL!

As the owner of a 4 gb sd card, I've managed to download over 650 of my favorite songs to this card with PLENTY of room to spare.  When I get sick of those songs, I'll just download some more.

Can you imagine having your entire music collection on one card and available at your fingertips?  WAY, WAY Cool!

Great for everyday use.  When you turn off your car, simply unplug it and throw it in your glove box.  Are thieves really going to be after your factory installed radio?  Nope!

It's excellent for road trips. Why pay expensive monthly fees for commercial free radio when you can have what you want, when you want?

The only downfall??

It only works in your car.  It is a transmitter only and has no speakers.  You'll still have to buy that expensive IPOD if you want to listen to it elsewhere, but if you're frugal like me, you don't need the extra expense and will rough it too!

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