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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's up with Goodwill?

According to 2009 Reports, we all helped support Goodwill by contributing to their success in one or many ways:

Revenue Sources
  • Retail sales: $2.42 billion
  • Industrial and service contract work: $596 million
  • Individual/corporate/foundation support for mission services: $71.6 million
  • Government support for mission services: $444 million
  • Other revenue: $37 million
While I am thankful for the chance to help a multi-million dollar corporation that is geared toward helping those less fortunate, I can't help but feel that I am being taken advantage of as well.

I am a huge recycler and buy items for temporary use and donate them again after they have served their purpose.  Nothing infuriates me more than to see some of the prices on the items that I have donated, along with items that are "CLEARLY" marked "Dollar Store" that have much higher prices on them than the original "retail" price.

To be honest, I am appalled by the recent pricing in most of these stores and have been very vocal about it.  I understand that they have a "mission", but I believe it is being fueled by greed as of late.  I have heard many different reasons for the higher pricing, but I'm not buying it.  (Pun intended..I walk out of the store more often than not without buying much due to their high prices). 

I am both a consumer and contributor to Goodwill Industries and will continue to do so, however, I believe that my donations will far exceed my purchases. 

I do not like to alienate them from future thrift tours, but do not feel that they are worthy of being called "thrift stores" any longer.  They all argue that they provide "new goods" which is fabulous, but we all know that they are really unsold clearance items that retail establishments donate to them at the end of their cycle.

Understand that I am not suggesting we boycott Goodwill Stores, but perhaps if enough of us complain and let them know why we are walking out empty handed they will get it??

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  1. I don't mind paying higher prices for very clean, well organized stuff at a thrift store, but I will not pay their prices. I don't even walk in them anymore. Not when I have to dig through to find a hidden treasure!