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Sunday, February 6, 2011

No party is complete without visiting a thrift store first for ideas!

Everyone knows how costly a party can be, so here are some thoughts and ideas before you plan your next gathering.  Be sure to make it a "covered dish" so that you do not absorb the entire cost of the party. 

This was a luau party that materialized when I realized just how much Hawaiian items were available in the thrift store at the moment.  Being semi-crafty, I want to make a Tiki Bar to complete the ensemble.  With an old stereo stand and shipping crate table I purchased for less than five dollars an idea was born.  The stools were a mere $8 each.  The yard was newly landscaped and ready to enjoy.

The bar was stocked with fresh spirits of the tropical kind and the glasses and barware were also compliments of local thrift stores with minimal pricing.  The party was a huge success and met my budget needs.  It looked like I spent way more money than I did!

If you have never seen them, SCENE SETTERS are an excellent addition to any party.  For a reasonable price you can transform just about any space into just about any decor you can imagine.  It's cheaper than buying wallees (pin ups, etc) and most of them are 4 ft long by 50 ft wide.  Don't be afraid to use just one portion of them, they can become pretty costly if you use the recommended pieces.

This is just one roll of a Scene Setter that I purchased for $14.95.  I was able to use it in several places and really saved money on decorations.  The "balloon drop" consisted of toulle that I purchased at Goodwill and filled with balloons.  Very cool disco party.  I had everyone dress up for the party.

It was a great time!  Countless items were found at the thrift stores to pull off this party, including many of the outfits worn there!

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